“Peaceful Communication – The Language of Life (NVC)” training

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“Peaceful Communication – The Language of Life (NVC)” training

Project “Peaceful Communication – Language of Life” LT03-2-SADM-K01-034

We are continuing the Peaceful Communication – Language of Life (NVC) project with the NVC lecturer on empathy Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen.

In this training we talk about our feelings, our needs and wants. About the inner world of our feelings, which is so difficult to understand on our own, let alone for others. We learn from real life situations.

Our lecturer, Gert Skoczowsky-Danielsen, not only teaches us, but also speaks openly about the problems he has experienced, the regrets and experiences, the wonderful moments and the dreams. He shows us how it is possible to be open and vulnerable, that this is not a bad thing, that this is what we should strive for – openness, honesty and empathy not only for others but also for ourselves.

The training takes place via the Zoom platform.

The project is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism Health Programme 2014-2021.